NLP for Health Care

For any health care professional, while diagnosis and treatment is an important part of health care, the way things are communicated to patients, plays a major role in recovery. Wherever, communication is involved, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is will help them become, “Super Power Communicators”.

For any health care professional, doing this 5 months program will result in following benefits
  • Ability to engage with patients more easily
  • Ability to change the patients’ limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs
  • Ask better questions, with power language patterns, to improve healthcare
  • Ability to change unwanted behaviors and habits of patients, to allow them to be more open to health care process
  • Ability to develop and encourage mental strengths of the patients
  • Use a highly interactive approach in communication

How will training content be shared?
  • Duration of the program is 5 months
  • Audio/visual Clips as appropriate
  • Activities & small assessments, as needed

What should a participant do?
  • Be ready with a separate notebook for this program.
  • Spend time on a daily basis, to read the lesson posted.
  • The next day, it must be practiced.

How to register for this program?
  • You can make the payment of Rs.7000/- by clicking payment gateway link and register.
  • Registered participants will be given login credentials.

Learners will be eligible for certification, only if he/she had attempted all the activities and case studies, and submitted the course completion successfully.