NLP for Personal Excellence

By definition NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP includes three most influential components: neurology, language and programming, which produces experiences to human beings.

What is NLP?
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the set of tools and techniques of how we communicate to ourselves and to others, how to think and how to change.
  • It helps us to understand both conscious and unconscious minds that lead to increase in communication skills, self confidence, self motivation and success.
  • NLP helps us to increase our ability to influence and persuade.

Where can be NLP applied?
  • To improve personal and social skills
  • To improve business skills like leadership, coaching, mentoring, influencing change and managing the change
  • To help ourselves or others with personal challenges like smoking, drinking, weight-loss and others issues (e.g fear of darkness)
  • To help in improving relationship with ourselves and others
  • To improve mental health, by initiating changes in limiting beliefs, habits and behaviour
  • To help people reach and maintain peak performance in sports, healthcare, teaching, artists and anybody else too

Duration of the program :5 months (150 days)

What should a participant do?
  • Be ready with a separate notebook for this program.
  • Spend time on a daily basis, to read the lesson posted.
  • The next day, it must be practiced.

How to register for this program?
  • You can make the payment of Rs.7,000/- by clicking payment gateway link and register.
  • Registered participants will be given login credentials.
  • Certificate of participation will be given only if learner had attempted all the activities and case studies, and submitted the course completion successfully.