Teaching Excellence

Teachers certainly need appropriate skills to work with the students in their charge, regardless of the students’ age. The techniques teachers will learn in this program will have a powerful effect on the teachers and the students, people in their learning and working environment.

The teacher will be able to use these skills both in their working and personal lives and will see the following benefits
  • Ability to help students learn more easily, using their values and beliefs
  • Ability to change the students’ limiting beliefs to confident beliefs
  • Ask better questions, with power language patterns, to improve learning
  • Ability to develop and encourage strengths of the students
  • Use a highly interactive teaching approach
  • Ability to reframe how students look at failure, by giving quality feedback and improve students’ performance
  • Customize teaching according students’ learning needs.

This program has been very carefully created to empower teachers to become a “Super power communicators”

What should a participant do?
  • Duration of the program is 6 months
  • Be ready with a separate notebook for this program
  • Spend time on a daily basis, to read the lesson posted
  • The next day, it must be practiced

How to register for this program?
You can make the payment of Rs.7,000/- by clicking payment gateway link and register.
Registered participants will be given login credentials.

Life of teachers doing this program
  • Before the program, Teachers
  • Immediately after the program, Teachers trained in NLP
  • 6 months of practice, Super power communicators

Learners will be eligible for certification, only if he/she had attempted all the activities and case studies, and submitted the course completion successfully.