Human Skills

In current business and working environment, people are now expected to possess majorly the skills than subject expertise. Employer not only looks for a well written resume & subject expertise, but also for all-round skills.

To enable students to empower SKILLED INDIA

By making quality learning / practice / self-assessment / assessment modules for “Personal Effectiveness” available under one umbrella.

The Core objectives
  • To provide guidance to students on personal effectiveness skills
  • To promote better employability
  • To provide support to the educational institutions to create brand ambassadors

What should you do?
Get a fresh notebook/diary and title it as “My Skill Diary”

What is the duration of the program?
6 months (180 days)
You may need to spend about 30-45 minutes in a day.

How to register for this program?
You can make the payment of Rs.3,000/- by clicking payment gateway link and register.
Registered participants will be given login credentials.

Learners will be eligible for certification, only if he/she had attempted all the activities and case studies, and submitted the course completion successfully.