Creating Magnetic Power Point Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is powerful software that allows you to create captivating slide presentations that can easily be shared on the web. If you want to present any information creatively and professionally.

This 1 day workshop will briefly cover the following:
  • "When would you say that a power point presentation is effective? List down all your criterias" What actions do you think you need to take to prepare a well researched PPT?
  • Let's start curating the power point
  • Choosing a right template & right BG FG colors
  • Title of the slide & Table of content
  • DOs and DONTs of the title
  • How do you fill the content portion of the slide?
  • Things to consider while writing paragraphs
  • Things to consider while writing bullet points
  • Limit the usage of colors in slides
  • Size of the content text
  • All about Bullet points
  • Text animations & Sound effects
  • Slide transitions
  • Usage of tabular column in PPTs
  • Consistency of the slides in PPT
  • Rehearsing your power point

Learning outcome:
  • Create a new presentation.
  • Modify presentation themes.
  • Eye for details for professionalism
  • Present with confidence