Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem solving and decision making are critical skills to anyone, yet most people learn these skills through trial and error and receive minimal formal training in these disciplines.

This 1 day workshop will briefly cover the following:
  • Identifying what exactly is the problem
  • Find out your problem solving style
  • Systematic Problem Definition (6 Basic Questions)
  • Systematic Problem Definition (Grid)
  • Fish Bone Diagrams / Ishikawa/ Cause and Effect diagrams.Different tools of problem solving
  • What role do CRITERIAs play in problem solving?
  • Do making assumptions affect problem solving?
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Decide whether to decide
  • Decision making tools
  • Common pitfalls in decision making
  • Six thinking hats

Learning outcome:
  • More clearly define problems
  • Generate a wider variety of quality solutions
  • Support more structured analysis of options leading to better decisions
  • Recognize and avoid common pitfalls