Content Development and Instructional Design for Teachers

The instructional design process consists of determining the needs of the students, defining the goals and objectives of instruction, designing and planning how assessment will be done, and designing the activities for teaching and learning to ensure the quality of instruction.

This 1 day workshop will briefly cover the following:
  • Teacher Vs Instructional Designers
  • Instructional Design Process
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Instructional Design
  • Need Assesment - Assessing Needs
  • Need Assesment - Adult Learners
  • Design - Course Design Process
  • Design - Learning Outcome
  • Development - Developing material
  • Development - Developing Presentations
  • Delivery - Teaching Styles
  • Delivery - Effective Communication skills
  • Evaluation - Forms of evaluation
  • Evaluation - Process

Learning outcome:
  • Describe and define instruction and instructional design
  • Designing an instructional materials using the steps of an instructional design model.
  • Preparing and conducting a needs assessment, learner analysis, context analysis, and instructional analysis
  • Developing performance objectives, learning outcomes, assessment instruments, instructional strategies, instructional materials and evaluation methods